Energy consulting,
design and development

Be your own
power provider.

Powered by nature.
Energy for everyone.

what we do

Alveo Energy provides turnkey solutions for all your
renewable energy needs.

Our services include consulting, design, supply,
manufacture, construction, installation and maintenance.

Alveo Energy provides high quality local and international
energy products.

Biogass CHP units

Gas can be stored to provide energy efficiently for daily peaks and base demands.


Ensure higher efficiency than

traditional approaches.

CHP systems

Can be designed for ON-grid & OFF-grid connections and machine house or container installations.

Dual-Fuel biogas system

Replace your old diesel generator with a Dual-Fuel biogas.

Energy storage

We offer energy storage in various capacities.

Storage can be used for ON-grid or OFF-grid, peak demands or as backup.

Hybrid Systems

We offer design of single and hybrid systems with different energy sources.

Solar pump systems

Ideal for irrigation and boreholes without grid access to connections.

Organic matter

Biogas produced in anaerobic digestion of animal manure, fruit and food processing waste and all organic matter.

Wind turbines

Vertical and horizontal wind turbines for a wide wind range from 4 - 25 m/s, offering high performance for urban and rural areas.